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Marine sergeant is awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Medal for saving boy from drowning ...

Stars and Stripes 18 Mar 2021
(Tribune News Service) — A Camp Lejuene Marine has been awarded the highest non-combat honor for his heroic efforts at a Surf City beach in 2019 ... McDonald, a scout sniper currently serving with the 2d Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment (2/6), 2d Marine Division (2d MARDIV), and was awarded the medal during a ceremony aboard Camp Lejeune.

Marine awarded highest non-combat honor for heroic efforts in Surf City

Jacksonville Daily News 18 Mar 2021
On Wednesday, a Camp Lejuene Marine was awarded the highest non-combat honor for his heroic efforts at a Surf City beach in 2019 ... McDonald, a scout sniper currently serving with the 2d Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment (2/6), 2d Marine Division (2d MARDIV), and was awarded the medal during a ceremony aboard Camp Lejeune.

This legendary Marine sniper made the Corps' longest known kill shot more than 50 years ...

Business Insider 17 Mar 2021
"In the formal Scout Sniper curriculum, Marines are only trained on the ... Hathcock, who helped build and shape the modern Marine Corps Scout Sniper program with his former commanding officer, Land, and others, held a similar view, considering numbers and records largely meaningless.

Here's what US snipers say they have to think about before they pull the trigger

Business Insider 16 Mar 2021
Wind speed and direction, which can change suddenly and inexplicably, are particularly important because they account for most missed shots, US Marine Corps Scout Sniper instructor Staff Sgt ... A Marine Corps sniper previously told Insider about a shot he took in training that involved putting a bullet in a target 2,300 meters away.

Ready... aim... eat: For hungry gun owners, White Birch Armory to add Caliber Caf�

Portsmouth Herald 15 Mar 2021
DOVER — Before starting White Birch Armory owner Sean Manning became a Purple Heart recipient after eight years in the U.S. Marines with multiple tours in Iraq as a reconnaissance marine and scout sniper ... When he left the private sector firearms industry to open his own business in 2014, he always had a clear vision for what it could become ... .

Sniper Range

Bitchute 10 Mar 2021
... with scout snipers from Force Reconnaissance De… .

The Marines are honoring the type of rifle and scope used by the Corps' deadliest sniper

Business Insider 23 Feb 2021
An unidentified Marine Corps sniper in Vietnam. Marine Corps The Marine Corps celebrated the history of the M40 sniper rifle with Redfield scope at Camp Lejeune. The M40 rifle was the same type of weapon used by Marine sniper Sgt ... Mawhinney is the deadliest sniper in Marine Corps history, with 103 confirmed kills.

Mastering camouflage is a dirty job for US snipers, and these wild photos of mud-covered ...

Business Insider 10 Feb 2021
As Insider previously reported in a post on Marine Corps Scout Snipers, a clean, fresh-looking ghillie suit could get the sniper killed in combat ... A Marine Corps Scout Sniper is actually credited with successfully sneaking up on a target and getting two shots off in a training exercise wearing nothing but a brightly-colored safety vest.
photo: AP / John Minchillo
Supporters loyal to President Donald Trump clash with authorities before successfully breaching the Capitol building during a riot on the grounds, Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021.

Seeing military veterans at the Capitol riot was shocking -- but not surprising

CNN 04 Feb 2021
My last year on active duty was spent working at the 1st Marine Division Scout Sniper school, where there was a long history of Marines unofficially using the Nazi SS logo -- a logo that many snipers ridiculously claimed stood only for "Scout Sniper.".

Parachuting with a Purpose: Local US Marine Corps Veteran BASE Jumps to Raise Awareness of ...

Crossville Chronicle 29 Jan 2021
Wimmer's brother took his own life in 2015 after sustaining a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in Iraq while serving in the United States Marine Corps ... 22Jumps was founded in 2019 by Tristan Wimmer, Infantryman and Scout Sniper in 2nd Battalion 1st Marines, in response to his brother Kiernan Wimmer's own suicide.

Army Sergeant's New Home Lined With Well Wishes

The Pilot 19 Dec 2020
Marine Corps, where he served as a machine gunner and scout sniper for four years. While deployed to Iraq, Stayskal was critically wounded by heavy sniper fire, sustaining a gunshot wound striking his left lung and exiting his back.

'Quiet professionals': These are the legendary Vietnam War marksmen every Marine scout sniper trains to be

Business Insider 15 Dec 2020
Joshua Coulter, a Marine Corps Scout Sniper instructor, recently told Insider ... "I got 16 rounds off that night as fast as I could fire the weapon," Mawhinney said in an interview for a documentary on Marine scout snipers ... There is a lot that modern-day Marine scout snipers can learn from legends like Mawhinney, England, and Hathcock.

Harold L. "Blackie" Blackburn

Provo Daily Herald 10 Dec 2020
Harold L. "Blackie" Blackburn. Feb. 11, 1926 ~ Nov. 25, 2020. FAIRVIEW - Harold L. "Blackie" Blackburn, 94, of Fairview, UT, passed away at his home on November 25, 2020 ... At 16, he joined the United States Marine Corps and fought as a sniper and scout in the Pacific Theatre during World War II ... Three days later, the mine caved in ... ....

The unexpected Navy SEAL: A lesson in identifying talent

Newsday 14 Nov 2020
Before I became a Navy SEAL, I was a Recon Marine and scout sniper, having risen to the rank of sergeant ... Prior to BUD/S, my time in Marine Recon taught me how to lead a team, and I foolishly and arrogantly believed I could spot who would make a great SEAL.

Former CIA Senior Medical Officer Gains CE Mark for HeartHero’s Revolutionary AED “Elliot,” Taking on ...

The Marshall News Messenger 11 Nov 2020
A former Scout Sniper Corpsman with the U.S. Marine Corps, Montague went on to become a Physician Assistant specializing in Emergency Medicine before joining the CIA as a Senior Medical officer ... Gary is a former Scout Sniper Corpsman with the U.S. Marine Corps who went on to become ...